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Grab your authentic louis vuitton bag in thailand get the look without breaking the bank

If you’re looking to get your hands on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag in Thailand without breaking the bank, it’s important to know how to authenticate the bag. Louis Vuitton is the most faked brand of bags, so it’s crucial to know what to look out for. Here’s a breakdown of how to authenticate a Louis Vuitton bag.

How to Identify Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags

Monogram: The LV monogram should have irregular properties, with the patterning starting asymmetrically. The LV lettering should be positioned with the L at the bottom, followed by the V slightly above and overlapping, a fleur de lis style flower, a circle, flower, and LV again. The bag patterning should be symmetrical, and the leather should be one solid piece that continues to the front from the back.

Stitching: The stitches should be perfectly straight and even, with the number of stitches remaining consistent. Authentic LV bags will always have a yellow-mustard color stitching.

Lettering: All authentic Louis Vuitton bags will have the words ‘LOUIS VUITTON PARIS’ along with the circle R trademark logo. The O should be round and not oval shaped, and the name Louis Vuitton is almost always spelled out in all capital letters.

Certificate of Authenticity: Real Louis Vuitton bags do not come with a certificate of authenticity.