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How to spot a fake musette salsa louis vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that is known for its high-quality handbags. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags on the market, making it difficult for consumers to know if they are buying an authentic item. To help you spot a fake Musette Salsa Louis Vuitton bag, we have compiled a list of tips to follow.

  1. Check the Logo and Monogram

The Louis Vuitton logo is a crucial element to look for when identifying a real vs fake bag. The classic monogram on a Louis Vuitton bag features interlocking letters LV, where V is slightly above L. The logo also includes a four-petal fleur-de-lys, as well as a fleur-de-lys inside a square and a four-petal flower inside a circle. No crooked letters, stars, other flowers or geometric figures are authentic Louis Vuitton logos.

On authentic bags, the logo continuity plays a great part. Once a line from the stitch starts with a fleur-de-lys, it will finish with the fleur-de-lys. Once the pattern starts from the half-circle, it must finish with a half-circle. The logo should never be covered by a handle, a stitch, or a piece of leather to hold the handles.

  1. Inspect the Stitching

The stitching on a Louis Vuitton bag should be of mustard yellow color, not bright yellow. It should be perfectly consistent in the size of the stitch, as well as its distance and quality. Any hanging threads are a red flag. The number of stitches on one side of the handle should match the number of stitches on another. There should be no stitches on the bottom of a classic Speedy bag, unless it is a special edition or variation.

  1. Look for the Inside Stamps

Louis Vuitton bags do not come with any authenticity cards. Instead, the manufacturer places a unique stamp with a place and date code on the inside of the purse. Since 1983, Louis Vuitton has used a six-character date code stamp for its handbags. The first two characters are letters (a code for the place) and the rest of the four-characters are numbers (the month and the year of production). However, the company keeps updating their coding to the extent that since 2007 the digit code has signified the number of the week in the year when the item was produced. Authentic stamps should be perfectly centred on a square of leather, usually stitched with a mustard-colored thread to the inside pocket.

  1. Examine the Hardware

The hardware on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag is of the highest quality. It is quite heavy as it is made of metal brass and not plastic, painted in gold. The shapes of the hardware that connects an item together, like handles or zippers must be smooth. While in fake bags connecting pieces and ring hooks might be rounded, the original LV bag has a D-ring. If it is a square piece, the edges of it are extremely smooth and not sharp at all. Zippers should slide like butter, very smooth and easy. Every metallic piece on an authentic purse must have a Louis Vuitton engraving.

  1. Pay Attention to the Packaging

If you are buying a purse from an online vendor, pay attention to the packaging and presentation. There must be no price tag or brand tag hanging from the handles. An original LV bag NEVER comes with plastic wrappers around its handles. The dust bag should only say LOUIS VUITTON or have a monogram, no additional information.

Spotting a fake Musette Salsa Louis Vuitton bag requires attention to detail. By following these tips, you can ensure that you are buying an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. Remember, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.